Information Resources Management Course

DONKAI Saori (Professor)  Best Faculty Member 2017 (Social contribution and university administration)

Theme : Library Cultural History, Knowledge and Information Infrastructure

My research interests are around the history of libraries and information media. In order to build a better future for libraries, it is essential not only to understand their current situation, but also to know their history. I try to approach the history of libraries and other information media from the standpoint of knowledge infrastructure. 

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SHIRAI Tetsuya (Professor)  Best Faculty Member 2013 (Social contribution and university administration)

Theme : Disaster Archive, Historical Materials, and Archival Science

I study Japanese history from the 16th to the 19th centuries and its fundamental materials, such as topographies. I conduct research on history and the function, interpretation, research, preservation, and use of historical materials. Currently, I am interested in theories and the practical issues regarding the preservation and use of the records and memories of local communities. I consider the various factors altogether while learning from experiences in archival science or museology. 

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SUZUKI Kanae (Professor)  

Theme : Youth, Reading, and the Influence of Media

My research concentrates on the actual use of printed/visual/electronic media, and their effects on children and adolescents. Printed media include books, newspapers, and comic books; and visual/electronic media, video games, television, and the Internet. I examine the effects of these media on academic and interpersonal/psychological aspects. I am interested in reading activities and their effects on the school or community; the daily use of media and their effects; and the use and effects of media in studying.

Mail: kanae@slis  [More detailed information]

YOSHIDA Yuko (Professor)  

Theme : Public Librarianship, Public Library Services in Northern Europe, and History of American Public Libraries

My research field is public library services in northern Europe. I am also interested in the historical development of American public libraries. In order to consider libraries from various viewpoints, I am examining related issues such as cultural diversity, self-directed learning, and reading community.

Mail: yyoshida@slis  [More detailed information]

BARYSHEV Eduard (Associate Professor)  

Theme : History of International Relations, Comparative Social History, and Archival Studies

My research interests concern primarily the history of international relations, the history of Eurasia and the history of the East Asia in modern times. At the same time I continue to study about different archival collections of the world, from the viewpoint of archival science. The research topic I am especially interested in is ‘archives and historical consciousness in different cultures in the Information Age’.

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IKEUCHI Atsushi (Associate Professor)  Chief, Information Resources Management Course

Theme : Public Library Policy, Library Evaluation, and Econometric Analysis of the Web

My research focuses on the optimal supply for tax-supported public libraries, which are established and managed from various viewpoints. I am also interested in the evaluation method of libraries and the research on the changes in the quantity, structure, and contents of the web.

Mail: atsushi@slis  [More detailed information]

KOIZUMI Masanori (Associate Professor)  Best Faculty Member 2020 (Research)

Theme : Library Strategy, Public Governance and Public Libraries, Collection Development, and Evaluation for Libraries

My research focuses on how libraries or other similar institutions provide information resources and their services to citizens, and how they solve social problems by using their resources in local societies. Especially I am currently looking at them based on three levels, (1)Government (public policy), (2)Libraries (management), (3)Citizens (library users), from the perspectives of management or governance.

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MURAI Maiko (Associate Professor)  

Theme : Intellectual Property Law, and Copyright Law

My research focuses on the Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Law systems, such as the Patent Act, Trademark Act, and Unfair Competition Prevention Act, from juristic viewpoints. The Intellectual Property Law systems limit the rights to information that should otherwise be available for free. Thus, it is important to balance the protection of rights to such information and the limitations of those rights. We consider how laws are applied and what types of systems are desirable through the study of precedents and the construction of the provisions.

Mail: myco@slis  [More detailed information]

OHBA Ichiro (Assistant Professor)  Best Faculty Member 2009 (Education)

Theme : Public Library, Library Personnel, and Information Service (Reference Service)

My research concentrates on information services and the adequacy of library staff (mainly in public, school, and university libraries). For their graduation thesis, students explore the following fields, based on their awareness: (1) various services of the libraries, (2) information services in the libraries, (3) reading activity in school education and lifelong learning, and (4) the training of library staff (education induction).

Mail: iohba@slis  [More detailed information]

HARA Atsuyuki (Assistant Professor)  

Theme : The Library in Europe, Library Cultural History, and International Comparison of Libraries

My research deals with social and historical studies on the development of libraries and reading practices in Germany and Britain in the 19th and 20th centuries. The 18th century was the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Intensified publishing activity gave more people the opportunity to read books, and it was thus in this period that public library came into existence. My research is also interested in comparative studies of contemporary Japan and Germany. There are differences in the two countries’ policies and services, since Germany is a federal state and Japan is not. Research on the history of the library in Japan after the Meiji era is also important for making comparative studies.

Mail: ahara@slis  [More detailed information]

MURATA Koji (Assistant Professor)  

Theme : Archival Science, Transfer and Management of Memories, and Pre-Modern Western Eurasian History

Based on the methodology of historical science, I study how the archives of the Byzantine Empire (4th to 15th century CE) were formed and have transmitted. My research also concerns the process of selecting memories/information and its significance in the past society by examining a wider range of historical sources, as well as methodologies and practices for presenting those memories to future generations.

Mail: kmurata@slis  [More detailed information]

NISHIKAWA Kai (Assistant Professor)  

Theme : Knowledge Commons, Information Policy, Scholarly Communication, and Scientometrics

I am interested in institutions for the production and management of knowledge resources. My current empirical research focuses on cases involving digitized scholarly information or cultural heritage.

Mail: knishikawa@slis  [More detailed information]

ONO Haruki (Assistant Professor)  

Theme : School Library, Learning Information Resources, Information Education, and Library and Information Science

The main research areas are the roles of school libraries as the basis for secondary education and the usage behavior of information resources by students in learning. The main research methods include the research and development of learning support systems based on data analysis results derived from learning outcomes, utterance records, etc. In particular, my recent focus is on the cooperation between high schools and university libraries, aimed at widely examining an ideal form of consistent information literacy education.

Mail: milkya@slis  [More detailed information]

TAKARA Kouya (Assistant Professor)  

Theme : Information Law, Data Protection, and Criminal Law

I am conducting research on issues related to information and communication technology from the perspectives of information law and criminal law. This study aims to propose solutions to such issue. The main research subjects are the development of a legal theory for social implementation of new technologies, a legal theory for the protection of information including personal information, and a legal theory for cybercrime prevention.

Mail: takara@slis  [More detailed information]

TAKEDA Masaki (Assistant Professor)  

Theme : Public Library Services in an Aging Society, Universal Information Environments for Senior Citizens, and Information Literacy

With the goal of creating a universal information environment, my research concerns the effects of information source and structures on information source selection and actors. I especially focus on quantitative analysis of the cognition, psychology, and behaviors of actors by modeling. At present, I am interested in information behavior of older adults based on characteristics of their cognition, estimation of older adults’ latent needs for public library services, and evaluation of library services for older adults.

Mail: masakita@slis  [More detailed information]

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