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Aim at evolution of knowledge-based society.

In modern society, the unprecedented volume of information that can be accessed through the Internet, cellular phones, and digital media surrounds us and is changing very fast. Although the state of libraries has also changed over time, there is no change in the importance of their role. It is likewise vital to extract useful knowledge rapidly and effectively from the overflowing amount of information and make the most of it. For that purpose, in addition to advanced technical strength, talented people who have wide knowledge, such as in social systems and copyrights, are in demand.

The College of Knowledge and Library Sciences trains specialists in information and knowledge, specialists who support and promote knowledge sharing in society, who lead advanced libraries, and who have skills and technical knowledge related to knowledge sharing. We make them flourish in society.

Do you aspire to become specialists in information and knowledge with us?

Chair, College of Knowledge and Library Sciences
(April 1, 2021) 


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