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Pioneer the next unpredictable age with the power of knowledge

With the development of information technology, we now have easy access to knowledge and information in various fields. On the other hand, the diversification and complication of modern society are on the rise. What should we learn to face problems in such an unforeseeable age?

"Information" has often been viewed from engineering and mathematical science perspectives. However, as information technologies deeply penetrate society, "information" connects people's lives in many aspects and can no longer be detached from society or human activity. In this age of uncertainty, the ability to utilize all kinds of information, including arts and science, is indispensable to solving problems.

In such respect, the College of Knowledge and Library Sciences promotes education and research that integrate the arts and sciences. We offer three majors: Knowledge Studies, Knowledge Information Systems, and Information Resources Management, each of which focuses on knowledge and information from human beings, information technology, and society to cultivate broad perspectives and problem-solving abilities. To meet an unpredictable society, we need to create new knowledge and connect information with people to pave the way for the next generations. The College of Knowledge and Library Sciences aims to nurture experts in knowledge and information who can play an active role in such uncertainty. We sincerely welcome your participation in our program.

SUZUKI Nobutaka
Chair, College of Knowledge and Library Sciences
(April 1, 2023) 



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