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KLiS TODAY (in Japanese)

KLiS TODAY is for students in our university and their families, and high school teachers. It features education in the university and student' life.

* in Japanese

Current Number (February, 2016) PDF
No.27 (November, 2015) PDF
No.26 (June, 2015) PDF
No.25 (February, 2015) ebook PDF
No.24 (November, 2014) ebook PDF
No.23 (June, 2014) ebook PDF
No.22 (February, 2014) ebook PDF
No.21 (November, 2013) ebook PDF
No.20 (June, 2013) ebook PDF
No.19 (February, 2013) ebook PDF
No.18 (November, 2012) ebook PDF
No.17 (June, 2012) ebook PDF
No.16 (February, 2012) ebook PDF
No.15 (November, 2011) ebook PDF
No.14 (May, 2011) ebook PDF
No.13 (February, 2011) PDF
No.12 (November, 2010) PDF
No.11 (August, 2010) PDF
No.10 (May, 2010) PDF
No.9 (February, 2010) PDF
No.8 (November, 2009) PDF
No.7 (August, 2009) PDF
No.6 (May, 2009) PDF
No.5 (February, 2009) PDF
No.4 (November, 2008) PDF
No.3 (August, 2008) PDF
No.2 (May, 2008) PDF
No.1 (February, 2008) PDF (appendix)

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